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It is very common in these days our body and mind being invaded by headaches and feelings of discomfort that often can not award to a particular disease, but rather it’s a reluctance and/or feeling of lack of power, that we can lead to depression or stress.

But before resorting to the consumption of drugs or other treatments, we can choose to obtain welfare through our own hands, or in other words, through the technique of the mudras.

What are the mudras?

Also known as yoga for the hands, the mudras are a successful positions with hands system, widely used in Yoga to restore the proper flow of the vital energy, or prana throughout the body.

This is possible due to the high concentration of nerve endings that are in their hands, only compared to found on the feet, and that join and positioning the fingers in certain way creates energy circuits that enable the stimulation of the unbalanced element to encourage their recovery.
To achieve this must understand the value and role that each finger has for the realization of the mudras, each of them representing one of the elements, and therefore controlling different parts and functions of the body, which will determine which fingers to use and how, during the practice of a mudra for profit about a condition in particular.

The mudras are practised with a light finger pressure until you feel a flow of energy through the body, while the hands are relaxed.

* Fingers meanings for the Mudras

Thumb: It is represented by the element of fire, assigning functions on the lung, logic and strength of will.

Index: Symbolizes the air and controls the stomach, thought and mind.

Wholesale: Is associated with the element ether, and assigned functions on blood circulation and the gallbladder.

Ring: Representing the element of Earth, the ring finger controls the liver, the vitality and the good general health.

Little finger: in this case it’s the water element, and is directly linked with the heart, sexuality, communication and relationships.

** Some basic mudras

* Anjali Mudra (prayer) with the hands together at the level of the heart chakra, gently press your fingers, hold the palms of the hands with a small cavity.
It is an excellent exercise to induce meditation, reduces stress and anxiety, providing harmony and calm.

* Bhudi-Mudra (fluid balance) with both hands together the tips of the thumb and the little finger pressing gently, the other fingers remain relaxed.
It helps the communication, also retrieves the fluid balance, improves the functioning of the kidneys and bladder increase the sense of taste.

* Gyan Mudra – passive (awareness and knowledge) with both hands, the tips of the thumbs touch the tips of the index.
This mudra acts to level psychic and spiritual, helping the receptivity and calm, improving the States of tension.

* Gyan Mudra – active (awareness and knowledge) with both hands, the tips of the index touched the first phalanx of the thumb pressure on the nail of the index.
These first two positions are the most well-known Yoga and act to level mood and body, symbolizing harmony of consciousness.

* Ganesh Mudra (Decision and firmness) with hands on the chest, the left Palm with out and the right Palm is turned toward the body, inspire and pull hands away a few seconds several times. Then change the position of your hands.
Favors the muscle of the chest area, stimulates the activity of the heart and builds confidence.

* Dhyani Mudra (meditation) [is not on the picture]
Hands resting in her lap, right over left forming a bowl.
Focusing only on breathing, eliminates stress and mental pressure, also helps eliminate everyday thoughts and find peace.

* Kalesvara Mudra calms the stream of thoughts, calms the agitated feelings. Calm periods of time between thoughts. We become clearer, we make new observations about ourselves, we can search for and find solutions. This mudra can also be used to help the traits of character, memory and concentration change, or delete the addictive behavior.

* DhrmChakra balancing our inner energies with our physical and spiritual environment. Develop our spiritual potential. Connect to the spiritual world, allowing us to receive help from other beings of the universe. Help us to hear the voice of the divine. Discover our mission in this life.
Uncover our past lives.

* Garuda Mudra this mudra enables irradiation and blood circulation, revitalises bodies and balances the energies of the two halves of the body. Whether in the area of the pelvis or in the chest, it vitalizes and stimulates. Relaxes and softens the pain and disorders of menstruation, discomfort in the stomach and breathing difficulties. If you suffer from high blood pressure take care. It helps also in exhaustion and mood fluctuations.

* Hakini Mudra this position of fingers has been deeply studied by scientists, and found that it stimulates both hemispheres of the brain to work together, the right and the left. Now recommended also in memory and management training courses. Open access to the right hemisphere of the brain where is stored also the memory. Your practice improves breathing, deepening it, and thus benefiting the brain. This Mudra regenerates energy from the lungs, and moving the fingers so that the right index rests on the left thumb, right middle finger on the left index, etc., turns the energy of the large intestine. You can stimulate your concentration and accumulate new mental forces linking his gaze and thoughts during a prolonged period of time to an object or a restorative activity.

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